River and Joaquin

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so yesh…

my reasearch into Joaquin’s interesting behaviour continues….i vow to figure him out before everyone else does! lol.

some say he’s crazy. other’s say he’s on drugs…that he’s the next Andy Kauffman, and even the next 2Pac.

Yeah….i could see that. He’s a freakin’ talented musican. Obiously it runs in his family. I was watching “Running On Empty” the other day. River Phoenix I think was nominated for his performance in this film…and for good reason! He played the piano like a pro! Hahah in fact he was a pro! I can’t wait to see some other River Phoenix films. There is one of him with Samantha…ohhhh forget her last name…mmm anyways, i think the film is called “A Thing Called Love” i think. All I know is River plays the gutiar and he’s soooo supa talented…like I said, runs in the family.

Anywho’s, while I was on youtube the other day, I came across this comment someone left about Joaquin and his current transisition into rap music.  I thought this guy had an interesting point….

“joaquin learned everything from his deceased bro, that’s why he is getting rebellious against the whole image of hollywood which is all fictional parody bullshit”

check out this River Phoenix video where he is being interviewed and asked about being apart of Hollywood and the Oscars and all the gitz….

Now check out this  video of Joaquin on The Tonight show a few years back. I think he’s just really nervous. In fact he SAYS he’s nervous. I just love the part when he starts playing with the pillow beside him…



haha, wuddya think??





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some drawings i did in Palm Springs

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Sorry for not updating! Shheez, I just got back from Palm Springs and oh what a wonderful lovely time it was! So sunny and warm. Ehhh i have to admit I am a bit disheartened to come back to Canada…where the rain is a fallin. But…alas! It is home:)

While I was in PS I did lots of sketching…here are some pics of drew of some celebs I like! Enjoy!

PS…more celeb thoughts to come. Espically of that disasterous Britney Spears concert I went to the other day! (cringes)

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joaquin the great

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I love Joaquin Phoenix. He is such a breath of fresh air. He is keepin things real and doing his thang. I am so happy that he is branching out and trying new things. The man is super talented and even if he doesn’t suceed as a rapper, he is going to make one wicked documentary. I gotta admit that some of the things he’s doing are a little suspicious, like his sudden personality change. I don’t know Joaquin personally, but from what I’ve seen of him in interviews (prior to the infamous Letterman apperance), he seems like a very articulate, sweet, funny and outspoken person. On Letterman he was so…anti-Joaquin. It’s like he’s acting out this new alter ego to go along with his new career, which I thought was something new. I dunno, did Jared Leto’s personality change after he went all-music? Anyways, I understand Joaquin’s  desire to do music, espcially live music, as it is more a “in the moment” art practice.  It’s not always being stopped short by “cuts” in between scenes and dialouge. 

But rap music?? A hip hop artist? That’s awesome! It’s so random.  I love his music genre choice. I myself am an avid hip hop lover and I have to admit that i’ve tried my hand at freestyling and writing rhymes. If Joaquin drops an album i’m gonna be linin’ up to buy that joint for sure! I can’t wait for the next Joaquin update/performance, we know he’s got lots of cool ideas just waiting to be explored. 

And he won’t stop…cuz he can’t stop…


phoenix and posse

phoenix and posse


Although I am so excited to see what new tricks Joaquin has up his sleeves…I do hope he returns to acting again one day. He is such a talented actor and I miss looking at those sexy eyes!:)

ow! Joaquin's on fire

ow! Joaquin's on fire



if you are interested in more details regarding Joaquin’s Documentary, visit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1356864/ 

what do you think about Joaquin’s new career move?

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and so it begins…

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and so it begins...

hot yummy priest

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