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I love Joaquin Phoenix. He is such a breath of fresh air. He is keepin things real and doing his thang. I am so happy that he is branching out and trying new things. The man is super talented and even if he doesn’t suceed as a rapper, he is going to make one wicked documentary. I gotta admit that some of the things he’s doing are a little suspicious, like his sudden personality change. I don’t know Joaquin personally, but from what I’ve seen of him in interviews (prior to the infamous Letterman apperance), he seems like a very articulate, sweet, funny and outspoken person. On Letterman he was so…anti-Joaquin. It’s like he’s acting out this new alter ego to go along with his new career, which I thought was something new. I dunno, did Jared Leto’s personality change after he went all-music? Anyways, I understand Joaquin’s  desire to do music, espcially live music, as it is more a “in the moment” art practice.  It’s not always being stopped short by “cuts” in between scenes and dialouge. 

But rap music?? A hip hop artist? That’s awesome! It’s so random.  I love his music genre choice. I myself am an avid hip hop lover and I have to admit that i’ve tried my hand at freestyling and writing rhymes. If Joaquin drops an album i’m gonna be linin’ up to buy that joint for sure! I can’t wait for the next Joaquin update/performance, we know he’s got lots of cool ideas just waiting to be explored. 

And he won’t stop…cuz he can’t stop…


phoenix and posse

phoenix and posse


Although I am so excited to see what new tricks Joaquin has up his sleeves…I do hope he returns to acting again one day. He is such a talented actor and I miss looking at those sexy eyes!:)

ow! Joaquin's on fire

ow! Joaquin's on fire



if you are interested in more details regarding Joaquin’s Documentary, visit 

what do you think about Joaquin’s new career move?


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